Augustolo Tube


AUGUSTOLO also with TUBE to improve even more the performance of your Turntable


MM/MC phono preamplifier. With its fashionable iridescent orange design and very small dimensions, the Augustolo is one of the world’s smallest and most beautiful Tube phono preamplifiers!


Only 75mm x 35mm x 110mm

Front panel selector for MM or MC, and rear panel connections for PHONO and LINE outputs

Ideal for high-performance turntables. Prefers amplification of high quality


For excellent performances we recommend the COCAINE speakers and NERO electronics

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Users Guide
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  •  MM part Unit
  • Sensitivity 0.35mV for 350mV Output at1KHz
  • Input Impedance 47k Ohm
  •  MC part Unit
  • Sensitivity 0.35mV for 350mV Output at1KHz
  •  Input Impedance 0 Ohm Output Impedance 10k Ohms
  • Amplification gain > 60 dB RIAA Accuracy +/- 0.25dB 20Hz to 20KHz
  •  Specification of the AC Adaptor
  • AC Input Universal AC 100V-240V/50-60Hz DC Output
  • DC 12V 3.5A (60W) DC Plug DC 2.1mm Ripple & Noise <= 25mV Over-load Protection 105%-150%
  •  Over-voltage Protection 115%-150%


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