About us

Carot One is an innovative Brand very special, more unique than rare.
Carot One electronics have technologically advanced features.
They are all small in size … ..very small. These dimensions are much appreciated as in the normal homes and offices the spaces are increasingly reduced.
The Carot One electronics use brand new special chips of small size, which show exciting performances, so exciting that make the electronic circuits ridiculous in the classic way. Until a few years ago such performances with such small dimensions were unthinkable.
Thanks to a precise and careful production and programming of the producer, high level performances have been obtained with an exceptionally low cost …… ..very low. We say VERY BEST BUY !!!

The design with the orange metallic and electric blue colors makes it very glamorous, friendly, let’s say that they actually become Trendy products.
Anodized aluminum with an orange metallescent color, the Carot One electronics strike immediately those who have taste and care for aesthetics and design. In any case, it is an aggressive design that breaks all the canons used up to now for electronics . Certainly very pleasant.
But always easily inserted into any environment. High value for a line that projects us ahead of time in the future.
The Carot One brand is a market segment that was not there.

All CAROT ONE products lend themselves to up grades, ie they can be improved by adding other brands of the same brand over time.
The brand looks at young people with a special eye, as they are attentive financially, users of music in movement, and projected over time also a HOME audio system.

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