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Franchising - Carot One


Open a Carot One electronic audio store and become an partner immediately!

Contact us and propose to open a CAROT ONE Audio Electronics store with the other brands COCAINE speakersMONSTER AUDIO Spectacular Audio Equipment and NERO Amplifiers, all prestigious brands of the OPENITEM group. Your dream of becoming an partner can come true by joining a commercial network present in over twenty countries around the world. Fill out the form with the requested data, your application will be analyzed by our staff.
Sending the form is not binding. Your prerequisites will be assessed and the possibility of an interview will be verified in order to enter a successful electronic Audio group with your store!


Who we are

Carot One is an innovative and particular brand, more unique than rare.
We deal with audio devices and have over 40 years of experience in the audio electronics sector.

Carot One electronics have technologically advanced features, with an all-made in Italy design recognized all over the world with numerous Awards. With very small dimensions they are very popular as they are easily adaptable to the spaces, often small, of homes and offices. In recent years our “earphones” have been enjoying considerable success, also because they are used with excellent results with Smartphones (at the moment around the world there are about 1 billion and a half of this device).

With the other brands present in the group it is possible to satisfy all the needs for a good audio listening:

From the complete entry level audio system, to the extreme audio system and good listening with Tablet, PC, Smartphone TV etc. etc.


Our “Model” Partner

Our “Model” Partner must be a dynamic and determined person, who wants to be independent and no longer professionally subordinated and who wants to try his hand at a versatile and demanding activity; with a predisposition to interpersonal relationships, with the ability to organize work and have a passion for music and innovation. In one word “WINNING” !!!
Technical baggage is not required but it is certainly a preferential way to become part of the OPENITEM group.


What we offer to the Partner

  • Turnkey project
  • Industry training
  • Marketing

The Partner is followed in all its phases by the staff who are in charge of both evaluating the proposed locations, assisting the Partner during the set-up and following him throughout his career.
Our technical department, after having viewed the potential sales point, proposes the best and innovative solutions to obtain a functional and attractive shop.
The Partner will be followed and trained so as to know specifically the audio sector and our technical office will be at your disposal for any problems of a technical or administrative nature.

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